About us


Eyeglobe.org has been developed in order to provide you with an unbiased, simplified process in finding an eye care doctor suited to your individual needs.

We strongly believe the eyes are the windows to the world and your eye health is of the utmost importance to us!

Eye care professionals recommend every person receives an eye exam every one or two years depending on age and personal eye conditions. Your personal eye doctor may recommend more frequent appointments depending on your individual needs.

Children’s vision changes rapidly as they grow, and it is recommended they receive their first eye exam at an age of 6 months and regular, yearly eye exams after that even if a vision problem has not yet been noticed. Vision problems left undetected in children and teens can severely affect learning in school and every child deserves to see the world through clear eyes.

Eyeglobe.org has made it easy for you to locate an eye doctor for your specific needs by organizing the site into easy to navigate categories.

We believe you will find our simplified search process an optimal choice when seeking an eye care professional!